Kanye Stickers available hereeeee

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"i love gay rights i just hate poor people and food stamps and single mothers, but not black people just "ghetto" people, and im kind of pro-choice but only sometimes did i mention if you can’t afford health care get a job?"

-fiscally conservative but socially liberal 

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7 lies we have to stop telling about African-American female students

There is a myth that African-American girls generally fare better than African-American boys — that they somehow have it easier. This creates a potentially damaging narrative that may ultimately prevent society from truly empowering these young women.

Here are seven myths that we need to stop repeating when it comes to African-American women and the achievement gap.

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Black Queen
Work by Sara Golish



Mimi & Nikko Of Love & Hip Hop Speak Out On Sex Tape

Mimi & Nikko of Love & Hip Hop speak out on sex tape, Stevie J’s feelings, Joseline taking shots & more!

their whole vibe is just off .. Mimi body language just screams I’m shame.
like bitch seems like to me Stevie & joseline is winning & happy .. girl down.

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This is so iconic.

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fuck. 😩

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Nicki Minaj has truly ascended. Like these aesthetics she’s displaying are goddess tier.

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I think cishet people get angry when they are labeled as cishet because they aren’t used to having to be labeled. They are shocked and upset that an increasing amount of people no longer refer to cishet people as “normal,” because those people have realized that no sexual orientation or gender identity is the supreme normal way to be.

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